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Personal Loans are suitable for financing large payments or purchases, such as appliances, furniture, school fees, or if you require credit over an extended period.

For the lowest loans in South Africa, simply fill in the form and we will find you that ideal loan that you can afford.
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Our Member Benefits consists of Insurance claims assistance, Legal advise, Tax returns and free loan-finding service. The cost for the Member benefits is a once-off R350 followed by a monthly R99.00. The loan-finding service is offered to you upfront as there are no costs involved.The Member Benefits becomes active once the fee has been paid.

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Why Use Find A Loan :

We take great pride in helping 1000′s of clients per month to secure low interest rate personal loans. We even assist bad credit clients with personal loans.

Did you know that Find a Loan has assisted 1000′s of clients to secure a personal loan in South Africa.

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A bad credit history does not mean that people have to refrain from applying for a private loan because traditional financial institutions don’t grant loans for people who have judgments and defaults against their name. We at Find a Loan SA are specialists in Private Loans even if you have a bad credit score.

How our Private Online Loans work
For a nominal once-off registration fee of R350.00 we source private online loans for bad credit clients. (This fee is payable regardless of the outcome of the loan). Our mandatory service package fee of R79.00 per month is there for you to make use of many times over. Simply complete the online application form that we will then submit to our panel of lenders and experience the relief of having a financial crisis lifted from your shoulders within a few hours.

Consolidation Loans

For many people that are over-indebted, a consolidation loan where all the debt is combined into one plan with a lower overall installment, is the answer to alleviating some of the financial pressure that they experience, because a consolidation loan allows you the opportunity to reduce the overall finance charges and increase available cash.
Ease the Pressure of Unexpected Expenses with Private Loans.

Managing your budget in today’s difficult economic times are proving more and more difficult for many people. The result is that they make use of credit facilities to pay for day-to-day expenses instead of available cash. This can easily spiral out of control and pretty soon they find themselves in a situation where they use debt to pay off debt – a vicious circle from which many people find it very difficult to recover and before long they find themselves on ITC.

People need a loan for unexpected expenses such as a medical bill or vehicle repairs. Private Financial Institutions don’t grant private loans for people and it is very easy to become despondent. But all is not lost when you find yourself in this situation, because there are private loan companies that can assist in securing a private loan.

When you hear that you are in arrears it means that you have fallen behind on your monthly payments. No legal action will have been taken yet but your credit score will already be showing that you have not made payments. You will still be able to approach the institution you owe money to and work out a payment plan to pay off the money. Falling into arrears, with any of your debt, will leave a mark on your record for 5 years.

If you have really fallen behind on your payments and you have made no attempt to contact the institution that you owe money to then, depending on the amount that you owe, you might either have the money written off or the institution might take legal action against you. The money can be written off if the amount is small however there will be a mark against your credit score.
This is possibly the worst thing that can happen to you in terms of your debt. If your debt has fallen really far behind and you have made no effort to find a solution, or if no solution could be found, then you will face court action which is known as judgement. Judgement can be applicable to any amount and it is very difficult, almost impossible, to reverse judgement. A judgement is going to really stain your history for a long time and loans for bad credit and loans for clients will need to be selected when you are in need of a loan.
If you are 18 years or older and earn a monthly income of R1 500 or more, simply fill in our easy online application. You can be approved for a personal loan in less than an hour.
The member’s benefits we offer is an affordable R99.00 per month and the benefits are there for you to make use of many times over.
This package is mandatory in order to make use of our loan finding service at the discounted price of a fee of R350.00 once-off.
If you are looking for a personal loan, loans for bad credit or consolidation loans, bad credit Loans then you are at the right place. Your ideal loan is a click away.

Personal Loans
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